Frequently Asked Questions

Is Qwincy a Data Room?
I email my Offerings—isn't that easier?
I am a Broker and I currently create landing pages for my Offerings—why is this any different?
I am a Lender, can I receive deals on Qwincy?
Can I edit an Offering once it is shared?
Can I share an Offering to a single recipient?
How long does it take to create and share an Offering?
What if I want to share an Offering to some who is not a Qwincy member?
Who can see my contact list & connections?
Who can see my Dealspaces?
How much does it cost to create an account?
Can I share my Offering with everyone on the platform?
Can I require an agreement such as an NDA to be signed before viewing an Offering?
Can I create a Dealspace for any type of real estate deal?
Can I give team members access to all my Dealspaces?

Comparison Table

  • Get seen/unseen status
  • Access insights on time spent
  • Know if recipient downloads files
  • Encrypted & Secure
  • Simple permission structure
  • Ability to disable saving
  • Gate Offerings with agreements such as an NDAs
  • Share Offerings privately or with the entire market
  • Socially connected with individual profiles
  • Communicate directly on Offerings
  • Connect with nonmembers
  • Track Offering deadlines
  • Track Offering updates
  • Edit Offerings in real time
  • Save/track geographical addresses
  • Visibility on who sees Offering
  • Recipient can setup a collaboration environment directly from Offering
  • Easy to work with portfolios, funds and assemblages
  • Allows sender to log recipient activity


Landing Pages
/ Data Rooms

$ thousands/yr