Dealmakers in real estate speak the same language.

Their tools should too.

Family Offices
Debt Funds
Hard Money Lenders
Private Equity
Mortgage Brokers
Passive Investors
Investment Bankers
Real Estate Agents
Investment Sales Brokers
Property Owners
Capital Advisors
Real Estate Lawyers
& more

Dealflow amongst these players is the lifeblood of the property markets. It correlates to transaction volume, ultimately impacting the liquidity of those markets

Dealflow is critical, and happens to be the area where deal participants have most in common. Qwincy leverages these commonalities to improve market efficiency by providing a simple and open ecosystem that fully integrates deal sharing and collaboration amongst real estate dealmakers.

The ecosystem optimizing the shared activities of all the players

What you can do in Qwincy...

As a deal originator

Share Offerings in a way that gets the attention of your recipient and that they can easily work with.

  • Share professional, trackable deal packages as quickly as you can prepare an email

  • See viewer insights to focus on likely prospects

  • Share deals with privacy control & confidence

  • Gate Offerings with agreements such as NDAs

  • Chat with recipients directly on Offerings

As a deal prospect

Privately access deal shares in an optimal way browse, track, and then collaborate with your team.

  • Filter more dealflow

  • Track deal activity & updates

  • Setup internal collaboration in 1-click

  • Build market intelligence from your own dealflow and network

As a deal collaborator

Collaborate privately with your team in a space where you can conveniently work on files and create and share Offerings

  • Invite your team members

  • Organize Dealspaces in authorized Groups

  • Work with files

  • Chat with your team

  • Create Offerings